My Story

I was introduced to this water five years ago; being a health and fitness professional I was very interested to learn about it. I knew water was important and I knew that despite my efforts to drink a lot of water, I was still dehydrated. Although I was eating healthy and drinking filtered water, I was in my mid-thirties and suffered from hormonal imbalances, skin issues, and frequent headaches. I knew something wasn`t right but I didn`t know how to help myself. I delved into numerous nutrition and health research articles, books, and studies to educated myself, and I tried many supplements and natural healing remedies but wasn`t getting results. So, I spent six months learning about the science behind the Kangen water device, and water in general, to learn how water is so vital to life. I attended numerous seminars, conducted multiple lab experiments, and applied the water in my life by bringing some home in glass bottles.

During the time when I was sampling and learning about the water, my son, who was four years old at the time, had a skin infection that had flared up about six months after getting the initial infection from scratching a little bump on his face that became infected with the staphylococcus bacteria. It showed up as a red blotchy patch on his right cheek, then it started to spread to his other cheek and chin, so I took him to the doctor. The doctor prescribed a seven-day antibiotic treatment. The blemishes started to clear up a little bit, but after the treatment was finished, it flared up again. I took my son back to the doctor and he was prescribed a ten-day antibiotic treatment, and about half-way through I couldn`t bear it anymore, the antibiotics had ravaged my son`s digestive tract by killing both the good and bad bacteria (even though he was taking probiotics), and then he developed fungal infections around his wrists and lower legs, so I stopped the treatment. I took him back to the doctor and the doctor prescribed an anti-fungal cream to treat those areas, and an antibiotic cream for his face. When his skin had flared up again, I had been learning about the water and asked the person who introduced me to the water if there was a protocol that I could use to treat his infections. I was given the protocol and stopped using the creams. I applied the different types of water to his skin, the 2.5pH water to kill the bacteria and fungus, the 6pH water to close the pores, the 11.5pH water to nourish the skin and the 9pH water for him to drink, to hydrate his whole body and assist its natural ability to heal. After two weeks, my son`s skin had cleared up.

After this experience, I was more determined to own the device so that I could have it in my own home and my family and I could experience all of the benefits of the water to improve and maintain our health. I purchased the device and the first thing I noticed was how little I needed to drink during my workouts. Since I was already hydrated, I only needed to take a few sips during my run and I had a lot more energy, whereas normally, I would drink all the water in my water bottle and be thirsting for more. After three months, I noticed my headaches disappeared. After six months, my hormones balanced and after nine months, my skin issues cleared up completely.

My family and I use the water every day, not only for drinking, but for cleaning fruits and vegetables, for cooking and baking, for disinfecting surfaces, counter tops, floors, and bathrooms, and for brushing teeth. There are plenty of uses for the different types of water that the Kangen device produces and it has been our go-to for minor health issues such as eye irritations, earaches, cuts and scrapes, and toothaches etc. It is a huge blessing to have access to healthy mineral-rich water through this superb technology and to share it with others, I can`t imagine my life without it!


“Water is so central to life, society, and development; the ways in which it can be used for the benefit of our societies and our planet are limitless and the value its science can hold for humanity is incalculable.” – Dr. Carly Nuday, PhD

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